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From Account to Accountability

From Account to Accountability

From Account to Accountability

If your core business offering is doorstep delivery of products and services, then your business model would revolve around the efficiency of your delivery executives. So, you have to find new ways to increase their efficiency, in order to escalate business gains. Well, there are many employee tracking tools available today, but do they perform the last mile job admirably well?

The answer would be “No”. Most of the employee tracking tools are meant for stationary, office-only employees, and do not count the scenarios that may arise in the field. There are many grey areas left by the traditional employee tracking tools. You are never too sure about the delivery executive’s exact (real-time) location or the distance the employee has to traverse to drop an order. Lack of such insights can have a huge impact on your business. How? Well, read on and you would understand.

Mazimize Sales Force Efficiency
Maximize Sales Force Efficiency


As a first, without the real-time knowledge of the delivery executive’s location, you cannot effectively schedule the upcoming deliveries. There are many instances when the delivery professionals have to travel extra miles to make a delivery happen, which could have been avoided if a better tracking mechanism was in place. Then there is the big issue with travel reimbursements for delivery executives. Without a proper tracking mechanism, the businesses have to believe whatever the employee tells and disperse reimbursements likewise. Therefore, businesses tend to overspend in this regard. Apart from this, a good employee tracking tool (meant for on-field executives) would allow the business to plan out the day effectively. Right in the morning, the executive has a fair idea about the listed deliveries expected for the day. The employee also stays happy with the schedule and logical route mapping for the deliveries. This helps businesses not only manage their deliveries better but also to keep their delivery executives happy!

Best route for efficient deliveries
Best route for delivery executives

 So, now the question is: which employee tracking system would give your business solutions for all the above-mentioned problems? We have just the solution for you – RoadCast Synco. This robust employee tracking system creates a detailed employee card for each of your delivery executives. Managers can track and monitor the real-time location of the executive, the distance they have covered in a day, the deliveries they have made and the time spent per visit. It also allows the management to assign the orders to a specific executive on the go. With all these features, accountability and transparency are increased in an organization. This helps the businesses upgrade to #SuperManpower. If you too are searching for one such tool, then we have a free trial available for you.

Efficiency : The soul of every business

Efficiency : The soul of every business

Efficiency : The soul of every business

Be it  pharmaceutical company sending their medical representatives out, a Publishing House having sales executives, FMCG or any vertical. They all need to be very efficient with their sales operations in order to last in the market.

Now arrives the question of keeping a track on the operations. All the field compel assignments in a day like meeting customers, giving samples, taking orders, collecting payments, taking feedback, putting advertisement material at client’s place, and so on are hard to monitor quite recently through telephone calls. Ask the ones who do it!

This is where technology proves to be the real aid.

Roadcast provides the most efficient sales team management mobile phone application to track all your sales operations on a single platform with such ease that it becomes multiple times easier to keep a track of them.

Any individual who know amount of time and asset wastage is relates with procedure knows how vital task manager could be. It helps you improve your sales and service team performance while increasing the employee efficiency. The depth of sales analytics provided by Roadcast guarantees that your most valuable investment- your sales team’s performance at best. It also gives you the data to make big decisions through reports.

Efficiency – Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
Efficiency – Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
  • Mark attendance in the App (Through Time & GPS Mapping)
  • Check-in and Check-out from client visit (Time and GPS Location is mapped)
  • Duration of visit automatically calculated with mapped meeting locations
  • Map client’s location with GPS coordinates
  • Create sales order (Submit order to Office/Branch/Supplier directly in real-time)
  • Payment collection details (cash or cheque) with option to take picture of cheque
  • User can submit stock status
  • After meeting employee can enter feedback of meeting
  • Create custom form which user can fill or use as survey/feedback form
  • Create Beat plan for user, app shows list of contacts where user needs to visit
  • User can create his own beat plan
  • Product list is available on Mobile App for easy reference
  • List of distributor/dealer/sub-dealer available on Mobile App
  • Outdoor marketing activity details (with Photo, Date-Time and GPS location)
  • Simple to use and reasonably priced
  • Delivers a whole new level of understanding of field sales team activities
  • No more daily/weekly/monthly sales reports – collects sales activity on the fly
  • Distance traveled is shown in app and web-panel also
  • GPS location is shown on Google maps during office hours, know where your staff is

Make sure your sales team isn’t lacking behind. Get Roadcast doing all of this for you while you plan and work on bigger things.

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