The whole process of managing goods as they move from the manufacturer to the consumer involves managing a whole lot of infrastructures, such as numerous vehicles, skilled personnel, inventory on shelves and in transit, and general finances.

No single software solution can possibly do everything you need it to do to manage your entire business. QuickBooks and Xero are great for accounting. Amazon and eBay are great e-commerce platforms. Bigcommerce, Shopify and LemonStand are all great online shopping carts. Salesforce is a high-quality CRM. But imagine trying to use Salesforce as an accounting solution or QuickBooks as shipping solution or Amazon as CRM. The best recipe for a disaster!

Choosing the right software for your business operations is no cakewalk. One needs to have a good insight of the market trends and the existing and future requirements of their business to nail this job. The right tools used for the supply chain management would take accountability for more than the jobs both your hands could hold. Now, this is when Roadcast holds the mic!

In today’s marketplace, the difference between ensuring a customer will return and losing revenue to a competitor can come down to how much visibility a brand has. With Roadcast’s real-time visibility, a company can instantly identify places where there’s too much or too little inventory, for example. Put simply, real-time visibility helps companies understand their business and better serve their customers.

Every module of SCM is planned and executed well but you can’t track the logistics in real-time to ensure that your inventory is intact and safe, you lose it all! What if you knew Roadcast offers this one-of-a-kind phone application that lets you track your vehicle freight in real-time while you can live-chat with your riders and the process is so efficient that some of the biggest names in the industry swear by it!

Supply Chain Management – Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
Supply Chain Management – Roadcast : Real-Time Employee Convenience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions

Here are the five biggest reasons why you need Roadcast:

Manage Product Demand

Better information means brands can be quickly alerted to delays, slowdowns or changing trends – and make the necessary changes before it’s too late and their bottom line is affected. On the positive side, if a product is doing well, additional orders can be added to make sure you can take full advantage of a surge in popularity – and aren’t shipping product out after the fact.

Understand Inventory

Tracking inbound and outbound inventory in real-time enables you to follow where and when inventory will arrive. It helps you prepare for potential delays. Having a close connection to inventory assures you’ll never be low on stock or unable to fulfill orders.

Promote Efficiency

Real-time information makes it easy to identify, prevent and fix inefficient processes as they’re happening, rather than months after the fact. Time is money.

Get a Handle on Shipping

Current information lets you know actual delivery times and dates, giving you the information you’d need to reroute (if need be). It helps you to avoid potential man-made or natural disasters – and ensure on-time delivery.

Provide Excellent Last Mile Experiences

Real-time information lets your customer service know instantly if a product will arrive later than expected. This lets them proactively reach out to customers – instead of waiting for an unhappy call or email. No one wants to lose a customer because of a shipping delay that was out of the company’s control. Conversely, you can also let customers know that products will arrive early, or as planned.

Once you lay them out like that, the benefits of Roadcast real-time supply chain visibility are easy-to-see. Now you just need to apply visibility practices to your own organization.

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