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Where vegetarian foodies get their gourmet hugs ..

Where vegetarian foodies get their gourmet hugs ..

Where vegetarian foodies get their gourmet hugs ..

Delhi never ceases to please foodies. From the aromatic lanes of Chandni Chowk to the lush ambience of the best dining rooms, Delhiites get the best of both worlds. The culinary options range from infinity to infinity in this living legend of a city. Although, the larger number of population swears by its non-vegetarian delights, Delhi happens to be the vegetarians’ bae just as much..

Um, did we hear ‘lazy’ ? … gotcha!

So if you’re a vegetarian foodie who’s too tired/lazy/done with people to go out, your food bible is being curated here. We bring you, out of the innumerable, FIVE best places to order vegetarian food from:

  1. Seasonings – The Spice Mystery:

A gastropub that serves a wide and mouth-watering array of cuisines from their Multi-cuisine menu. By infusing the best flavors from around the world focused on providing quality, visually appealing & delicious vegetarian dishes for the discerning diner, Seasonings makes it the best place for foodies to enlighten their taste buds. Loved for their Dal Makhani, Kebab Platter and Mocktails.

  1. The Masala Trail:

The Masala Trail is ideal for Indian eaters who are in love with authentic Indian curry dishes and a variety of Indian street foods that its known and loved for. TMT presents a platter of street savouries from across India that will make your taste buds travel to the place of its origin every time you order something new from their elaborate menu and authentic Indian cuisine which is known for its spicy indulgence and the rich aroma.

  1. Veg Gulati:

The Restaurant is famous for its north Indian Punjabi food with (onion & garlic) & also for Jain & Vaishno food (without onion & garlic. To cater to the wave of health consciousness, Veg Gulati offers you a nutritious and hygienic journey through traditional vegetarian delicacies. After studying and understanding the health benefits of garlic, onion and desi ghee, Veg Gulati uses all these ingredients in their dishes. Their master chefs create for you a tempting array of dishes with love, affection, and pure ingredients to bring out the romance of Indian vegetarian food!

  1. Bell Pepperz:

Dal Bukhara, Crispy Kernel Corn with Red Chillies, Crispy Noodles with Pickles, Mee Goran and Kapung Sung Coconut Curry are some of the loved bonne bouche here. The Tandoori Platter is also worth trying out.

  1. Indus flavor:

Have you ever loved so much that you’d kill for them? Well..the Dahi ke Kebabs prepared here hold that same place in most people’s lives. Absolutely worth every risk you’d take to get here, this place offers qualitative, delicious and craveworthy food to all the vegetarians seeking happiness. This place also earns some brownie points for being pocket-friendly.

Vegetarian Food - Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
Vegetarian Food – Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions

Hope we earn some good Karma for navigating your vegetarian soul to the right places and you get Roadcast’s aid in tracking your vegetarian mark live on the roads. Roadcast lets you track your orders in real-time. Hunger and patience have never been good friends to meet you together so track your order from the time of dispatch till it reaches your doorstep through Roadcast.


Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore. Never underestimate the joy of life’s simple pleasures, simple isn’t easy but it’s possible.

All it takes is a little bit of strength and enthusiasm to work on yourself, which most of us are constantly trying to do. But ever thought about how you could possibly do that?

We could guide you, all you need to do is Explore.

By saying explore, we mean to ask you to find the universe inside you.. Yes, find yourself, your happiness & chase it.

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore . Two friends exploring the terrain and finding their inner peace
Two friends exploring the terrain and finding their inner peace



If you’re questioning yourself right now as to how you should do this, the first step is to MOVE. The best way to find yourself is to be uncomfortable, just get out of that comfort zone, pick your phone up, wear those comfortable shoes and move out. Travel! Even if the distance is as short as going to the nearest garden.. GO! observe things around you! take charge of your life!

The sun is shining bright upon us and  giving us so much to work on everyday.  So as long as we are here,

let’s make it worth our while…



We can’t deny that we live in a world full of juxtapositions, constantly evolving. YES ! Change is constant. We all are growing and adapting with every situation that life showers upon us ..

But while all these monotonous changes taking place everyday, we shall not let the little joys go unnoticed!

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore . observe with different perspectives -a leaf or a mantis
observe with different perspectives -a leaf or a mantis

The best things in life are free, of course, that’s happiness! For instance, talking to your loved ones over a long drive which doesn’t happen too often because of our busy schedules!

But have you ever thought about sharing these  moments and marking these memories you had with them?

You could lead a revolution or an impact or give ideas to the world to ponder upon..




Perhaps, a question that arises from within is , “do we remember our life’s best journey ?” While the brain has too much going on, our devices can do this for us; making these memories and experiences that last a lifetime !  

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore . Life's about making the jump
Life’s about making the jump


Each experience makes us stronger and wiser. It’s a gift that brings something to the table of our life.  These could be blessings or lessons or could be as mediocre as the unhealthy food you ate on the roadside or as challenging as your 5km run!

Life is short, take a shot and post it, you may be inspiring someone with your creativity! So why keep those memories piled up and the journeys unnoticed ?



 Do your bit to live life to the fullest, do make memories, because that’s all what we look back upon or even live for.

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore
See the bigger picture. Break free from the shackles.

Every master was once a beginner, so to help you start with, here’s ROADCAST, an app that lets you create those memories. With Roadcast, you can share all the journeys that made you giggle or the places & objects that make you nostalgic when you look back at them. The main feature being marked as your points of interests, so that you can let your world know what you love and never forget discovering yourself !


Inspire others to take on life’s journey.
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