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When the Delhi night owls howl…..

When the Delhi night owls howl…..

When the Delhi night owls howl..

We, in Delhi believe in indulging till we die and good food tops our lists, because, who isn’t  a sucker for #foodgasms ?

A study recently found how eating the comforting carbs under the light of the stars helps trimming the waist size. Sounds like magic, right? So the participants who ate most of their carbohydrates at dinnertime experienced hormonal changes that reduced hunger. It certainly  does no harm to your metabolism if you eat in the wee hours. With late night eating been proven right, here are some of the hit late night food delivery restaurants across the capital.From the hung over munchies  to  overtimes at work, good food is the ultimate savior. And so, we’re a bit spoilt for choice while ordering food in the wee hours too.

Feeling hungry after 12?

Here are our top five picks for curbing your wee hours’ pangs:


  1. Delivery Jack: Delivering food 24*7 in Lajpat Nagar, Gurgaon and GK, they have it all from chewing gums to Enchiladas.
  2. The Night Shift: Only for all you west-dilliwalas, this place delivers typical Punjabi tikkas with an extended hospitality of medications (wink), if asked for.
  3. Sushi Haus: For the sushi cravings at odd hours, this place has earned a good name for their prawn tempura. Having outlets in Gurgaon and East Of Kailash, they deliver within 10 kms.
  4. Captain Grub: This life-saver delivers the finest pulled pork sandwich and has the best delivery services in Gurgaon, GK and Lajpat Nagar.
  5. Baking Bad: They make the best wood-fired pizzas. Call them if the gourmet in you refuses to sleep.
  6. Food Clock - Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
    Food Clock – Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions

Placing an order when you know only food can save you from life’s thunders and rains, you know how badly you want it! Hunger can play with your emotions. Not knowing where the delivery boy is just makes things worse. Each step the delivery boy takes needs to be heard and felt. This is when you rub the lamp and Roadcast comes to your rescue!

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5 Weekend Getaways around Delhi

5 Weekend Getaways around Delhi

5 Weekend Getaways around Delhi. Places to visit around Delhi on a weekend.

Here’s our list of 5 best weekend getaways around Delhi. Staying in the Capital can be a hectic life devoid of peaceful time or a brief escape from the everyday lifestyle. You often think that the city is sucking you dry with its pollution, ever-increasing traffic, work & the extreme & unpredictable weather. What is most needed is a long weekend & a plan to keep you from going insane. If you think a weekend is not enough to completely rejuvenate, here is a list of places near Delhi that will surely give you a tranquil escape from the city.


  1. Camp Dhauj, Haryana 35 Km

    Just about 35 Kms from the heart of Delhi, Camp Dhauj is located near the Delhi – Haryana border, close to Faridabad. Driving down to the location takes about 1 hour 45 minutes from Connaught place. Situated in the Aravali Hills, the place offers a wide variety of activities for everyone. Whether you seek adventure or peace, the place has both to offer.


    Family Activities At Camp Dhauj
    Family Activities At Camp Dhauj

    The place is a perfect get-away for bird photography. One can spot over 70 kinds of bird species in the area. There are activities like rappelling, zorbing, hiking, river crossing & rock climbing to name a few.

    Accommodation at Camp Dhauj
    Accommodation at Camp Dhauj
  2. Damdama Lake, Haryana 50 Km

    Damdada Lake at Sunset,Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Damdada Lake at Sunset

    Damdama Lake is about 50 Kms from the heart of Delhi. It is located a few kilometers off the Delhi – Sohna highway. The lake itself has nice picnic spots around it. In recent times, the place has become a hub for adventure camps & resorts. Aloof from the city, it’s a great place to spend some quality time with friends or family. Adventure camps offer a variety of activities such as still water rafting, boating & camping. There are options of nice hotels too around the area for those who prefer luxury over adventure.

  3. Hill Fort, Kesroli & the Neemrana Fort-Palace, Rajasthan 150 Km

    Located in Alwar, Rajasthan, these majestic forts offer more than just a nice view. Both the forts are heritage hotels with all modern day amenities. The Palace fort has swimming pools, a gym & a spa to help you detox & relax. You can explore the local handicrafts in the town which is built around the fort.

    Neemrana Fort lawns
    Neemrana Fort lawns
    Room Interior Neemrana Fort Palace
    Room Interior Neemrana Fort Palace

    Outdoor restaurant seating
    Outdoor restaurant seating
  4. Mathura & Vrindawan, Uttar Pradesh 150 Km

    Crowd playing Holi at Mathura , Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Crowd playing Holi at Mathura

    The abode of Lord Krishna, Mathura & Vrindawan spew vibrance & color all year round. During Holi, being in Mathura is no less than magical. If you visit these cities during Holi you will surely witness a spectacle full of color.

    You can visit a number of temples of Lord Krishna in the two cities. Dwarkadheesh is one of the main attractions in Mathura where hordes of devotees visit every day.

    Dwarkadhish temple,Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Dwarkadhish temple
  5. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan 250 Km

    Infamous as a haunted fort, the Bhangarh fort is located at the border of the Sariska wildlife reserve. This place is the right getaway for those who like to get their adrenaline doze out of fear. Backed by several stories & instances of paranormal activities, entry into the premises after dusk & before dawn is strictly prohibited.

    Haunted Bhangarh Fort ,Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Bhangarh Fort

    The fort becomes a resting place for forest animals after dusk. It is said that if you stay in the vicinity of the fort, you can hear the sounds of animals getting worked up at night, as though there is some kind of a presence there that is bothering them.

    Haunted Bhangarh Fort,Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Bhangarh Fort entrance

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Chandni Chowk – Experience The Real Flavor Of Delhi

Chandni Chowk – Experience The Real Flavor Of Delhi

A journey through the streets of Old Delhi


Chances are, that you are a foodie, if you’re born & brought up in Delhi or as we call it – Dilli. With its modernity & fast pace development, the capital city is popular for its food culture. On one hand, one can find the most extravagant form of fine dining in 5-star hotels & Michelin star restaurants & on the other hand, one can completely indulge in the gluttony at a hawker serving street food. But what you will read about next is better than most food experiences. It’s the journey through the streets of Chandni Chowk, a bustling marketplace at the heart of Old Delhi.

One such part of Delhi that is extremely popular among Delhiites, where one can thoroughly enjoy the authentic flavor that the city offers is Chandni Chowk & by flavor, I don’t just mean food. The unique flavor is a perfect blend of people, streets, historical monuments, cultures & FOOD; well mostly food. We practically think with our taste buds.

So, coming back to Chandni Chowk. Anyone who has visited the place would agree that it’s a bustling hub, with fragrance of spices & condiments, smoke from chimneys of small eateries & workshops, hordes of people walking on the streets, heavy movement of goods as far as the eye can see & a wholesale shop for anything that you might want to buy.

Starting the day at Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk – Experience The Real Flavor Of Delhi

One can start their day in Chandni Chowk by visiting the majestic Jama Masjid. Famed as one of the largest mosques in India, the historical structure stands tall in the centre of Shahjahanabad; the former name of Old Delhi. Built in the 17th century, by Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal emperor, the Masjid is one of the most exquisite works of architecture following the Taj Mahal & other monuments of his time. You can easily reach here by taking the yellow line & getting off at Chawri Bazaar Station of the Delhi metro.

jama maszid
Jama Maszid (Photo Credits Shuchi Paul )

The timings to visit the mosque are 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Try to get here by 9:30 a.m. so that you can savor a delicious paratha at the parathe wali gali before 11:00 a.m. From the inside, the monument is a historical feat. You can witness the intricate carvings & stone work, indicative of Mughal architecture. Amidst the Echoing sound of pigeons & the prayers, one can find tranquility & peace, while building on an appetite to enjoy the food that awaits.

The Parathe Wali Gali – Paratha / Indian Flatbread Haven, Chandni Chowk

The  Parathe Wali Gali is a narrow street in the bazaar, popular for deep-fried Indian Flatbread. Most shops here take orders till 11:00 a.m. My personal favorite shops would be Pt. Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan Paranthe Wale & Babu Ram Paranthe Wale.



parathe wali gali(Photo Credits Shuchi Paul )
parathe wali gali(Photo Credits Shuchi Paul )


paranthe wali gali
paranthe wali gali

 The regular, most ordered parathas would be the Aloo, Matar or the Gobhi paratha. If you are in the mood for something exquisite, you can try the Bhindi or the mix veg paratha. For those with a sweet tooth, the best choices would be a Chini paratha or a Khoorchan Paratha. There’s something for everyone. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

Experience The Real Flavor Of Delhi

Be sure to feel stuffed & not wanting to eat anything else for a while after a trip to this street. There are always other things to do while you build your appetite again. What’s better than shopping to do that?

Shopping at Nayi Sarak – Indian traditional wear, Chandni Chowk

Nayi Sarak
Nayi Sarak

Nayi Sarak is a 5 min walk from the  Parathe Wali Gali. That 5 min walk is practically the best thing you can do after that heavy breakfast. For those of you who are lazy or bloated & too troubled by the sound of “A 5 min walk”, there’s a convenient alternative – a cycle rickshaw.

Once you have reached, Nayi Sarak, all you will see are mannequins draped with bridal wear. From Sarees to Lehengas to Indian Kurtas, it’s a sanctuary for girls who like to shop. One can find a piece of clothing in every style, color, size & price. The place is a hub for brides-to-be & newlyweds. As a foreign tourist, who is fascinated by Bollywood & Indian clothing, you can visit one of the shops & buy yourself your very own outfit at an affordable price.

Nayi sarak
Nayi sarak

The most popular shops there are Pakeezah Plaza & Om Prakash Jawahar Lal. You realize that you are done with shopping once you have restored your appetite for a delicious plate of Chole Bhatoore at The Church Mission Road.

Chole Bhatoore at Church Mission Road, Chandni Chowk

At about a distance of .75 Km from Nayi Sarak is the Church Mission Road where one can get the most delicious plate of the devilish Chole Bhatoore. Devilish, because it cannot get more fried than this. A plate of Chole Bhatoore is the most Delhi it can get. Deep fried bread with a spicy gram mixture is sure to get you salivating. To get the best Chole Bhatoore experience, you should visit one of these two shops – Gole Hatti or Kake Di Hatti.

church mission road
church mission road
church mission road
church mission road

At less than 1 $USD per plate, you will be surprised at how tasty & filling a single serving is. The people at the shops are very welcoming, especially if you are a tourist. Even for the little amount you pay, you are treated like royalty; a phenomenon that you will rarely experience elsewhere. They completely justify the phrase “Dilli dil waalon ki”which literally translates to “Delhi – the home to people with welcoming hearts”.

The light & sound show at the Red Fort (Lal Quila), Chandni Chowk

Once you are done with another round of food, it’s already 5:30 pm, & its time for another round of shopping. This time, you can visit the Dariba to buy yourself some traditional Indian Jewelry. The Dariba is a hub for buying traditional precious or semi-precious jewelry. The whole street is lined up with big & small jewelers. It seems as if the whole street is built up of blocks in the form of these shops, separated by narrow stairways in-between, leading to higher floors.

Red Fort
Red Fort

At around 7:00 pm, make your way to the Red Fort. You can’t miss the Red Fort; it’s a huge fort that is visible from every corner of Chandni Chowk. At 7:00 pm, one can witness the story of Mughals at their former residence in the form of a light & sound show.

The royal feast –Karims, Chandni Chowk

mughlai foof at Karims

After the light & sound show, a royal feast awaits right where we started our day from. At one of the most iconic restaurants in Chandni Chowk – The Karims, one can experience the taste of authentic Mughlai food. The history of the restaurant dates back to the 19th century when a person named Haji Karimuddin established the Dhaba. Haji Karimuddin was the son of Mohammed Aziz, the royal cook to the last of the Mughals. The 100-year-old restaurant is renowned for its mutton dishes. With delicacies that include Mutton Korma, the Nihari & the Raan (all dishes comprising of goat meat) complimented by Sheermal – a kind of sweet Indian Flatbread, the place literally screams OLD DELHI.

The ambiance & the aura of the whole place is very Mughal-like. The marble walls, with mezzanine seating & the fragrance of beautifully cooked meat, that will surely leave you wanting for more.

mughlai food at Karims
mughlai food at Karims

Chandni Chowk - Experience The Real Flavor Of Delhi

As the night sets in, at around 9:30 pm, with a memorable experience of Delhi, you can make your way back to the Chawri Bazaar Metro Station. Once you have done it all, you can say you will always have a piece of Dilli with you.

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