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Here’s How Pathology Labs Can Provide Better Services

Here’s How Pathology Labs Can Provide Better Services

Here’s How Pathology Labs Can Provide Better Services

An increasing number of people are opting for home collection of blood samples these days, something that has created significant logistical challenges for Pathology labs. There was a time when operations of Pathology labs were limited to their laboratories, where people would come to give their samples.

Storing blood sample in a path lab
Storing Sample of Blood in a Pathology Lab

With the availability of online payment options and access to online reports, people prefer a home collection of samples. This is beneficial for people, as they can avoid the busy traffic and the prospect of waiting in queues. Home collection of samples is also useful in the case of patients, children, elderly people, and physically challenged individuals.

The increasing preference for home collection of blood samples has created numerous challenges for Path labs. For example, blood samples have a limited shelf life and they need to be delivered to the lab in a specific time frame. If there’s delay, the samples will essentially expire and they will become unusable for laboratory testing.

Phlebotomists are constantly on the move and they collect samples from various people in a particular locality. They also keep receiving new orders on the go, which creates additional problems. Finding the right phlebotomist for the job is also a challenge for Path lab, as people generally prefer to deal with someone they are familiar with.

phlebotomist collecting sample of blood from the home of sick person
Phlebotomist collecting sample of blood

Phlebotomists need to focus on their core job, which is taking the blood samples with great care and precision. They also need to ensure that the samples are stored properly and delivered in a safe manner to the lab. Phlebotomists cannot be tasked to deal with logistical issues, as it can affect their primary job of collecting samples.

For managing appointments, logistics, staffing and other tasks, Path labs need to implement advanced healthcare services management systems that would make things easier for phlebotomists.

Path labs that want to improve the efficiency of their sample collection process can use RoadCast Synco, a pioneering workforce management system. RoadCast Synco can perform various critical tasks such as real-time tracking of phlebotomists, appointment scheduling, timely collection and submission of samples, staffing, etc. RoadCast Synco gets everything done via a customizable app, which is really useful, as it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Phlebotomists also benefit from RoadCast Synco, as they have a clear idea about their schedule and new orders are seamlessly incorporated without any major changes to the existing schedule.

With RoadCast Synco, Path labs can successfully boost their business through improved efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Your Sales Force Needs to Keep up With the Pace of FMCG

Your Sales Force Needs to Keep up With the Pace of FMCG

Your Sales Force Needs to Keep up With the Pace of FMCG

Sales force management plays an integral role in the FMCG sector, as it is tasked with the responsibility of managing complex logistics. Goods manufactured at a particular location may need to be transported and distributed across the country, which is a humongous task, to say the least. To make it even tougher, the sales force has to work within strict deadlines to ensure that goods are delivered at the right place at the right time.

increase sales force efficiencyMaximize Sales Force Efficiency

  • Shipments are channelled through a multi-layer network of regional distribution hubs and warehouses, which brings about significant challenges in terms of inventory management. Transportation of goods by rail and road also throws us numerous challenges that the sales force has to deal with on an everyday basis. One also has to consider other potential problems such as criminal activity, political unrest, and natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, etc.
  • The sales personnel working in the FMCG sector have to be constantly on the move since there is intense competition in this industry. New products are launched quite frequently and these need to be made available to customers in the shortest possible time.
  •  The sales force has to match the marketing timeline to ensure that products are available to consumers as soon as the advertisements are aired on television/online media and published in the print media. Timely distribution also becomes essential in case of seasonal products that have a limited period of usability for the customer. If there’s a delay in supplying the product at the retail level, consumers might lose interest and choose a different brand. Things like these can have serious repercussions on the sales and revenue of the entire FMCG ecosystem. This is why the sales force needs to keep up the pace with the dynamic and fast-changing world of FMCG.


task management with help of Synco
RoadCast will help you manage your Sales Force efficiently

It’s apparent that such complexities cannot be managed solely with human capability. FMCG manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers need to rely on Sales Force automation tools to ensure the optimal level of accuracy and efficiency in their operations. One such tool is RoadCast Synco, which has emerged as the preferred choice for FMCG players. RoadCast Synco is a GPS-based Sales Force automation system that can be used for various purposes such as tracking employees and shipments in real-time; assigning tasks on the go; automating attendance without biometric system; and generating reports & analytics for improved decision making. RoadCast Synco eliminates the chaos, reduces operational costs and helps the sales force to achieve the highest level of accuracy, reliability and efficiency in their operations. For more info visit

From Account to Accountability

From Account to Accountability

From Account to Accountability

If your core business offering is doorstep delivery of products and services, then your business model would revolve around the efficiency of your delivery executives. So, you have to find new ways to increase their efficiency, in order to escalate business gains. Well, there are many employee tracking tools available today, but do they perform the last mile job admirably well?

The answer would be “No”. Most of the employee tracking tools are meant for stationary, office-only employees, and do not count the scenarios that may arise in the field. There are many grey areas left by the traditional employee tracking tools. You are never too sure about the delivery executive’s exact (real-time) location or the distance the employee has to traverse to drop an order. Lack of such insights can have a huge impact on your business. How? Well, read on and you would understand.

Mazimize Sales Force Efficiency
Maximize Sales Force Efficiency


As a first, without the real-time knowledge of the delivery executive’s location, you cannot effectively schedule the upcoming deliveries. There are many instances when the delivery professionals have to travel extra miles to make a delivery happen, which could have been avoided if a better tracking mechanism was in place. Then there is the big issue with travel reimbursements for delivery executives. Without a proper tracking mechanism, the businesses have to believe whatever the employee tells and disperse reimbursements likewise. Therefore, businesses tend to overspend in this regard. Apart from this, a good employee tracking tool (meant for on-field executives) would allow the business to plan out the day effectively. Right in the morning, the executive has a fair idea about the listed deliveries expected for the day. The employee also stays happy with the schedule and logical route mapping for the deliveries. This helps businesses not only manage their deliveries better but also to keep their delivery executives happy!

Best route for efficient deliveries
Best route for delivery executives

 So, now the question is: which employee tracking system would give your business solutions for all the above-mentioned problems? We have just the solution for you – RoadCast Synco. This robust employee tracking system creates a detailed employee card for each of your delivery executives. Managers can track and monitor the real-time location of the executive, the distance they have covered in a day, the deliveries they have made and the time spent per visit. It also allows the management to assign the orders to a specific executive on the go. With all these features, accountability and transparency are increased in an organization. This helps the businesses upgrade to #SuperManpower. If you too are searching for one such tool, then we have a free trial available for you.

Increase Revenue with Sales Force Automation

Increase Revenue with Sales Force Automation

Increase Revenue with Sales Force Automation

Running a business is much like swimming in the strong river current. If you aren’t active in pushing forward then you get carried downstream and into obscurity. When talking about business success, you have to mention good business performance in the same breath. It is only by virtue of good business performance that a business can overcome its competition and obstacles posed in front of it. And to improve your business performance you need the help of Sales Force automation tools. With the adoption of Sales Force automation, businesses can guard two vital ends – their employees and customers. No wonder then that Sales Force automation has gradually become a vital implementation for rapidly improving businesses. Below are some reasons for which your business can gain with Sales Force Automation:

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Modern day customers desire more from the brands they align with. They want personal attention. And this can be done effectively with Sales Force automation. Sales Force backend is a treasure trove of customer information. With some clicks, you can know all about the customer helping you cater to personal care every time. In some of the modern-day Sales Force automation tools, details cards for each of customers is created which helps you track their history within a couple of seconds.

Easier Time Management

Customers expect their deliveries to arrive on time and at convenient timings. It is not easy to manage the customer expectations in this regard when you have hundreds of scheduled deliveries and are working with many delivery executives. Welcome to the world of modern-day Sales Force automation, where you can view the list of deliveries, the addresses of customers, their time preferences, list of deliverables, pricing and many other relevant details from a neat dashboard.

Live tracking, route planning
Real Time Location

Organizes Business Deliverables better

There is a high probability of your delivery schedule going haywire or worse still some of the deliveries not being made! You can prevent this with the adoption of Sales Force automation tools. With access to the Sales Force dashboard, your managers can schedule all the deliveries for the day efficiently (after consulting with the delivery executives). This will ease many tensions typically associated with the delivery process.

 Increases Efficiency & Accountability

 With neat plans and real-time tracking in place, the employees quickly understand their responsibilities. They understand that every minute counts, as their performance is being tracked and kept a note of. This, in turn, helps your business deliver better and timely.

Sales Force Automation
Assign Tasks to Sales Force


  • Now that you know, you would be in search of a robust Sales Force automation tool for your business. Let us introduce you to RoadCast Synco which delivers the businesses the benefits of all the above-mentioned features and much more. It can provide your business with one platform to automate everything. From planning the delivery route to expenses incurred by the employees. Switch to RoadCast Synco, and upgrade to #SuperManpower. Request a demo today & explore a whole new world of possibilities.
Solving the Problems Faced by Fleet Managers

Solving the Problems Faced by Fleet Managers

Solving the Problems Faced by Fleet Managers

Fleet managers handle one of the toughest jobs in the world, as they have to deal with a myriad of problems every day. However, fleet operations can be made a lot easier, efficient and cost-effective through the use of advanced technology. Let’s take a look at the various problems faced by fleet managers and how these can be resolved with technology.

Manage your fleet and increase efficiency by 30% using RoadCast Bolt.
Manage your fleet and increase efficiency by 30% using RoadCast Bolt.

Late delivery

This is one of the most common problems faced by fleet managers. If delays in delivery have become a norm and clients are always complaining, it could dent the reputation of the business. RoadCast’s GPS-based vehicle tracking system can help by optimizing fleet operations. Using RoadCast, fleet managers can find the best route, the nearest vehicle, and the best driver for a given task. This will ensure timely delivery, as per the defined schedule.

Delivery time unknown

The shipment has been dispatched, but there is no surety about the time of delivery. The client is worried, as their premises may be closed when the shipment reaches the destination. This can also hurt the fleet, as the vehicle may have to sit idle and remain unproductive. Using RoadCast, fleet managers can provide GPS tracking details to clients, so that they can track the shipment in real-time.

Fleet Managers Can Now Manage & Examine Each Activity of Their Fleet Services On The Go.
Fleet Managers Can Now Manage & Examine Each Activity of Their Fleet Services On The Go.

Wrong turn

It is common for drivers to lose their way or take the wrong route to the destination. By the time they realize their mistake, it would have delayed the delivery and resulted in additional operational costs. With RoadCast, fleet managers can set predefined routes for each and every delivery. Every time a driver takes a different route, RoadCast will immediately send an alert to the fleet manager.

Unutilised/Underutilised Assets

In case of large fleets, it’s easy to lose track of vehicles that may be in the yard, awaiting repairs or maintenance. With RoadCast, fleet managers can keep track of each and every vehicle and learn about its past and present movement. Using this data, fleet managers can ensure that inactive vehicles are quickly put into action so that they can start generating revenue.


Accidents are a real problem and they cause significant loss to fleet companies. However, fleet managers can minimize damage by using RoadCast’s advanced vehicle tracking system. In case of an accident, fleet managers can find the nearest vehicle and dispatch it to the accident site for assistance and rescue. Deliveries, if any, can also be reassigned to the nearest available vehicle.

Missing/Stolen Vehicles

Last but not least, cases of vehicles disappearing entirely along with their cargo have also been reported. This can cause major losses for the fleet and create problems from the client side as well. The best solution is to use RoadCast’s GPS-based vehicle tracking system to track the stolen vehicle. The system is foolproof and it automatically sends location information to fleet managers. Using RoadCast, fleet managers can also cut off fuel supply from a remote location, thereby immobilizing the stolen vehicle and preventing vehicle theft.

Make sure your business isn’t lacking behind. Get Roadcast doing all of this for you while you plan and work on bigger things.

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Next Level Customer Satisfaction: A Priority for Every Business

Next Level Customer Satisfaction: A Priority for Every Business

Customer Satisfaction: A Priority for Every Business

Customer satisfaction is paramount for all businesses that want to be there in the game for the long haul. Improved customer satisfaction translates into customer retention, which in turn significantly reduces customer acquisition costs. Studies indicate that acquiring new customers can cost 6-7 times more in comparison to the cost of retaining existing customers. It has also been revealed that reduction in customer defection can significantly boost profitability. This is why customer satisfaction is a priority for most leading businesses.

Customer Satisfaction With Real-Time Tracking Of Their Orders
Customer Satisfaction With Real-Time Tracking Of Their Orders

What keeps customers happy?

As per studies, customer satisfaction levels are influenced by various factors such as:

On-time delivery: Customers expect their delivery to reach them within the scheduled time period. Delay in delivery often upsets customers and they may develop negative perceptions about the brand. Ours is an interconnected world and delay in delivery at the customer’s end might delay other related things. This is why on-time delivery should be a priority for every business.

Empower Your Clients With 360-Degree Tracking Of Their Orders At Each Step of Delivery Process
Empower Your Clients With 360-Degree Tracking Of Their Orders At Each Step of Delivery Process

Delivery updates: Customers also start to get jittery when they are not able to get updates about the delivery. This is not about the delay in delivery; rather, it’s the lack of a proper system that can provide regular updates about the status of the delivery. Customers may even be okay with some delay in delivery, but they feel really lost if the delivery status is not communicated to them in a consistent manner. Customers worries are quite genuine in this regard since they have to be there to take the delivery. In the absence of delivery updates, customers may have to wait forever to take the delivery. Something like this will majorly impact customer satisfaction level.

Responsiveness: This includes all the communications and interactions that take place in relation to the customer’s order. Businesses should have a dedicated communication system to respond to customer’s problems and queries in real time. If the customer gets a proper and timely response, it would boost customer satisfaction levels.

How can technology boost customer satisfaction?

To boost customer satisfaction, businesses can deploy advanced technology systems such as RoadCast. Using RoadCast’s GPS-based supply chain management system, businesses can track each and every delivery in real-time. They can track the route as well as the driver’s and vehicle’s performance to ensure that the delivery reaches its destination within the scheduled time. Information can also be provided to customers so that they can track their delivery and get regular updates. RoadCast’s advanced technology framework has eliminated the potential for human error, thereby ensuring reliable and accurate information sharing with customers at all times. It is a must for businesses that want to transform their operations and ultimately boost customer satisfaction.

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E-Commerce to Change the Face of Pharma Industry

E-Commerce to Change the Face of Pharma Industry

E-Commerce to Change the Face of Pharma Industry

The Shift From Pharma to E-Pharma

The growth and popularity of e-commerce have transformed the way businesses operate. Encompassing business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), and customer to business (C2B) transactions, e-commerce has proved to be a boon for many industries. One of the key sectors that have benefitted immensely from e-commerce in recent times is the Pharma industry. The fact that e-commerce is becoming an integral part of the Pharma Industry is evident when we look at the emergence of numerous online medical stores. With these online pharmacies, you can place your order with just a click and get the medicines and drugs delivered to your doorstep.

Latest Research: Pharma Companies Shifting Towards E-commerce Platform
Latest Research: Pharma Companies Shifting Towards E-commerce Platform

What If, Pharma Industry & E-commerce Go Parallel?

With e-commerce and related technology upgrades, pharmaceutical companies have been able to derive various other benefits. For example, pharma companies are now able to get a better idea about the available stock and demand for a particular medicine. Data sourced from online pharmacies provide the real-time view of the available stock and consumption trends. Based on this data, pharma companies can decrease or increase production. This would be useful for reducing costs and improving efficiency. With e-commerce, pharma companies have also been able to reduce costs related to warehousing. Earlier, pharma companies needed warehouses in every region, but with e-commerce, operations can be managed from a centralized location. Medicines and drugs can now be readily sourced from the manufacturing facility and delivered directly to the customer.

Consumer’s Relief Point

E-commerce has also improved interactions and communications between pharma companies and end-customers. Earlier, feedback from patients used to be routed through health care providers, but with e-commerce, patients can communicate directly with pharma companies. Such feedback is proving useful for new drug discovery and for improving the efficacy of existing drugs. It’s important to note that the role of doctors has not diminished due to e-commerce; rather, it’s just an improvement over the earlier system. With e-commerce and internet, patients can access information about drugs and medicines to better understand what the doctor ordered. This way, they are likely to take proper care of themselves and provide valuable inputs that would enrich the entire pharma ecosystem.

Real Relief For Patient's To Check The Availability Of Prescribed Medicines Online
Real Relief For Patient’s To Check The Availability Of Prescribed Medicines Online

The Effective Medication For Pharma Companies i.e, RoadCast

Helping pharma companies derive maximum gains from e-commerce is RoadCast, a leading provider of workforce management and vehicle fleet management solutions. Pharma companies are using RoadCast’s advanced technology platform for various critical needs such as tracking delivery of medicines, monitoring of medical representatives, and inventory management. With RoadCast, pharma companies have been able to significantly improve their operational efficiency, boost growth and reduce costs wherever possible. By integrating RoadCast with their e-commerce initiatives, pharma companies can achieve the multiplier effect to unlock the full potential of e-commerce and other digital platforms.

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GPS Tracking On a Rise

GPS Tracking On a Rise

GPS Tracking On a Rise

GPS in the Present World

In recent times, GPS Tracking has emerged as one of the foremost technologies powering humanity’s evolution. Globally, it has become a norm for many organizations and industries. GPS is being extensively used for mapping locations, buildings and landmarks, and tracking people, kids, pets, luggage, parcels, vehicles, trains, aircraft, ships, and lots more stuff. GPS tracking technology has made inroads in India as well, but its overall usage in the country has been limited, especially when compared to developed countries. However, there’s immense scope for GPS tracking in India, since the technology is highly accurate and proven to reduce costs and improve efficiency. GPS usage has been consistently increasing in India, as everyone, including people, government agencies, organizations and businesses, has started to realize the benefits of GPS technology.

GPS Tracking: Need For Safety is A Must in Today's Scenario.
GPS Tracking: Need For Safety is A Must in Today’s Scenario.

GPS Scope in India

GPS tracking in India is being widely used by cab operators such as Ola and Uber. Other local cab operators, transport companies, fleet operators, courier companies, and food delivery firms are also using GPS technology to improve customer service and boost efficiency. The possibilities for GPS tracking in India are virtually limitless, as it has been envisioned that GPS will become standard equipment for all vehicles, just like ABS and airbags. GPS is expected to become a norm for local municipal corporations as well, who will use the technology to track locations, properties, development projects, garbage disposal, tanker water supply, etc. GPS technology will also witness increased usage in the tracking of loved ones such as kids, women, differently abled, and senior citizens.

NAVIC – India’s personal GPS system

GPS tracking in India is expected to get a significant boost when ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) will launch its own GPS system. The Indian GPS system is known as NAVIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) and it is expected to become operational in the coming years. When NAVIC becomes fully operational, India will join the esteemed list of countries that have their own GPS system. India will be the sixth country, after United States, Japan, Russia, China and European Union, to have its own GPS system. The Indian GPS system will make GPS accessible to more people and organizations and significantly increase GPS usage in the country.

Track Everything With RoadCast's User-Friendly Tracking Solution.
Track Everything With RoadCast’s User-Friendly Tracking Solution.

The Super-Hero of GPS

For GPS-based vehicle tracking and fleet management, the best option currently available in India is RoadCast Bolt. The advanced technology platform offers various useful features such as real-time tracking, ignition alerts, over-speeding alerts, and active geo-fencing. You also get the active immobilization functionality that allows you to immobilize the vehicle from a remote location by cutting off the fuel supply. Accessible through web and app, RoadCast Bolt is a truly intelligent GPS-based system designed to help you track your vehicle, communicate with delivery personnel, boost efficiency and revenues, and provide effective protection against theft.

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Smart Cities need a Smart Workforce

Smart Cities need a Smart Workforce

Smart Cities need a Smart Workforce

Smarter workforce management is the key to ensuring the success of an organization. For example, two competitors in a specific industry will have more or less the same level of resources, but the organization that invests in workforce management will most likely take the leading position. A good way to describe the fundamental purpose of smarter workforce management is the phrase, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. In essence, smarter workforce management is the efficient and cost-effective use of resources to achieve targeted goals and objectives.

Stay smart & be on top with RoadCast real-time tracking solution
RoadCast: Time to track your workforce and achieve more with our solution.

Technology is your real-friend at the workplace

In recent times, technology has become an integral part of workforce management, as it allows organizations to tackle various complex tasks such as forecasting, staffing, scheduling and making real-time adjustments based on changing variables. Technology also allows organizations to harness the power of data analytics and business intelligence to make an informed decision, as needed for smarter workforce management. Technology is the key to getting the best combination of people and processes that can optimize workforce performance and reduce costs as well.

Join Hands with Technology

As an example, we can consider the RoadCast technology platform, which has been instrumental in helping organizations to improve the efficiency and productivity of their workforce. With the RoadCast employee tracking app , organizations can track their employees in real-time, something that enables better control over their activities. It also allows managers to provide the necessary guidance, support or help to employees in a timely and efficient manner. RoadCast can also be used for assigning tasks to employees in a seamless manner. For example, if a delivery order has been cancelled, managers can quickly assign a different task to the concerned employee. Or, if there’s a new delivery order, managers can quickly find and assign the best employee who can accomplish that task. Organizations can also generate data analytics and business intelligence reports to make informed decisions that will enable the most efficient, productive and cost-effective use of the workforce and available resources.

Technology & Workforce GO Hand in Hand

The need for smart workforce has found new meaning with the launch of the Smart Cities initiative in India. While infrastructure development is the key to Smart Cities, the need for smart workforce cannot be undermined, as ultimately it’s the people who will be managing and utilizing these Smart Spaces. People and other stakeholders need to work in close co-operation to ensure the success of the Smart Cities initiative. Development will be effective only when it is backed by pragmatic choices and sustainability, which is exactly where smarter workforce management comes into play. In essence, the tenets of the smart workforce are just as important for Smart Cities, as it is for organizations.

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Go Green with RoadCast Tech

Go Green with RoadCast Tech

Go Green with RoadCast Tech

Fleet tracking management was once a manual, hugely complex and arduous task that was often characterized by delays, misappropriation of resources and human error. It also had a negative impact on the environment, as was evident in the voluminous amounts of paperwork required for generating various documents, invoices, reports, etc. Managing the paperwork was largely an unproductive task for fleet managers and it also took a lot of space, resulting in additional expenses.

It’s Relief Time 

Thankfully, such problems are non-existent today, as technology solutions have significantly transformed fleet management in recent times. High-end technology solutions have become imperative for businesses that are aiming for improved efficiency, increased revenue & profits, reduced operational costs, improved customer satisfaction and real-time tracking of vehicles, employees and goods. When talking about technology solutions for fleet management, the one name that immediately comes to mind is RoadCast, a company dedicated to helping businesses transform the way they deliver. 

Increase your orders intake and save cost by tracking it in real-time
Fleet Tracking: Save cost by tracking your all vehicles in real-time

The Real Solution

Fleet management technology solutions provided by RoadCast have proved to be immensely useful for fleet managers. The technology platform is available as an app and web-based dashboard, allowing fleet managers to track people, goods and vehicles on the go. As deliveries can be tracked in real-time, it automatically reduces the possibility of human errors and negligence. Overall, RoadCast Fleet Tracking & Management maximizes work-force efficiency, allowing fleet managers to achieve more deliveries with the same set of available resources. This minimizes fuel consumption, which is beneficial from both the cost and the environmental perspective. When calculated for the entire fleet, the cost savings and environmental benefits can be significant. 

Fruity add-ons

The other major benefit is that everything gets done digitally, which significantly reduces paperwork. For example, documents like e-bills and insurance papers can be shared digitally with the stakeholders. This is very useful for businesses that are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, in line with the initiatives undertaken by the government to save the environment.

Value Added Features

RoadCast’s fleet management technology platform has various other features such as pick-up and delivery scheduling, auto-route optimization, generating reports & analytics, business intelligence, attendance reporting, and cash management. Fleet managers can also get real-time notifications about critical tasks such as GPS & internet status, delivery status, duty status, payment status, etc. Fleet managers can instantly track any activity or process, which gives them improved control over the operations of the fleet.

Go Green

Technology platforms such as RoadCast can be a game-changer for businesses that want to improve the efficiency of their vehicle fleets and work-force. It would also allow businesses to do their bit for the environment by reducing fuel consumption and going paperless.

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