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E-Commerce to Change the Face of Pharma Industry

E-Commerce to Change the Face of Pharma Industry

E-Commerce to Change the Face of Pharma Industry

The Shift From Pharma to E-Pharma

The growth and popularity of e-commerce have transformed the way businesses operate. Encompassing business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), and customer to business (C2B) transactions, e-commerce has proved to be a boon for many industries. One of the key sectors that have benefitted immensely from e-commerce in recent times is the Pharma industry. The fact that e-commerce is becoming an integral part of the Pharma Industry is evident when we look at the emergence of numerous online medical stores. With these online pharmacies, you can place your order with just a click and get the medicines and drugs delivered to your doorstep.

Latest Research: Pharma Companies Shifting Towards E-commerce Platform
Latest Research: Pharma Companies Shifting Towards E-commerce Platform

What If, Pharma Industry & E-commerce Go Parallel?

With e-commerce and related technology upgrades, pharmaceutical companies have been able to derive various other benefits. For example, pharma companies are now able to get a better idea about the available stock and demand for a particular medicine. Data sourced from online pharmacies provide the real-time view of the available stock and consumption trends. Based on this data, pharma companies can decrease or increase production. This would be useful for reducing costs and improving efficiency. With e-commerce, pharma companies have also been able to reduce costs related to warehousing. Earlier, pharma companies needed warehouses in every region, but with e-commerce, operations can be managed from a centralized location. Medicines and drugs can now be readily sourced from the manufacturing facility and delivered directly to the customer.

Consumer’s Relief Point

E-commerce has also improved interactions and communications between pharma companies and end-customers. Earlier, feedback from patients used to be routed through health care providers, but with e-commerce, patients can communicate directly with pharma companies. Such feedback is proving useful for new drug discovery and for improving the efficacy of existing drugs. It’s important to note that the role of doctors has not diminished due to e-commerce; rather, it’s just an improvement over the earlier system. With e-commerce and internet, patients can access information about drugs and medicines to better understand what the doctor ordered. This way, they are likely to take proper care of themselves and provide valuable inputs that would enrich the entire pharma ecosystem.

Real Relief For Patient's To Check The Availability Of Prescribed Medicines Online
Real Relief For Patient’s To Check The Availability Of Prescribed Medicines Online

The Effective Medication For Pharma Companies i.e, RoadCast

Helping pharma companies derive maximum gains from e-commerce is RoadCast, a leading provider of workforce management and vehicle fleet management solutions. Pharma companies are using RoadCast’s advanced technology platform for various critical needs such as tracking delivery of medicines, monitoring of medical representatives, and inventory management. With RoadCast, pharma companies have been able to significantly improve their operational efficiency, boost growth and reduce costs wherever possible. By integrating RoadCast with their e-commerce initiatives, pharma companies can achieve the multiplier effect to unlock the full potential of e-commerce and other digital platforms.

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GPS Tracking On a Rise

GPS Tracking On a Rise

GPS Tracking On a Rise

GPS in the Present World

In recent times, GPS Tracking has emerged as one of the foremost technologies powering humanity’s evolution. Globally, it has become a norm for many organizations and industries. GPS is being extensively used for mapping locations, buildings and landmarks, and tracking people, kids, pets, luggage, parcels, vehicles, trains, aircraft, ships, and lots more stuff. GPS tracking technology has made inroads in India as well, but its overall usage in the country has been limited, especially when compared to developed countries. However, there’s immense scope for GPS tracking in India, since the technology is highly accurate and proven to reduce costs and improve efficiency. GPS usage has been consistently increasing in India, as everyone, including people, government agencies, organizations and businesses, has started to realize the benefits of GPS technology.

GPS Tracking: Need For Safety is A Must in Today's Scenario.
GPS Tracking: Need For Safety is A Must in Today’s Scenario.

GPS Scope in India

GPS tracking in India is being widely used by cab operators such as Ola and Uber. Other local cab operators, transport companies, fleet operators, courier companies, and food delivery firms are also using GPS technology to improve customer service and boost efficiency. The possibilities for GPS tracking in India are virtually limitless, as it has been envisioned that GPS will become standard equipment for all vehicles, just like ABS and airbags. GPS is expected to become a norm for local municipal corporations as well, who will use the technology to track locations, properties, development projects, garbage disposal, tanker water supply, etc. GPS technology will also witness increased usage in the tracking of loved ones such as kids, women, differently abled, and senior citizens.

NAVIC – India’s personal GPS system

GPS tracking in India is expected to get a significant boost when ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) will launch its own GPS system. The Indian GPS system is known as NAVIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) and it is expected to become operational in the coming years. When NAVIC becomes fully operational, India will join the esteemed list of countries that have their own GPS system. India will be the sixth country, after United States, Japan, Russia, China and European Union, to have its own GPS system. The Indian GPS system will make GPS accessible to more people and organizations and significantly increase GPS usage in the country.

Track Everything With RoadCast's User-Friendly Tracking Solution.
Track Everything With RoadCast’s User-Friendly Tracking Solution.

The Super-Hero of GPS

For GPS-based vehicle tracking and fleet management, the best option currently available in India is RoadCast Bolt. The advanced technology platform offers various useful features such as real-time tracking, ignition alerts, over-speeding alerts, and active geo-fencing. You also get the active immobilization functionality that allows you to immobilize the vehicle from a remote location by cutting off the fuel supply. Accessible through web and app, RoadCast Bolt is a truly intelligent GPS-based system designed to help you track your vehicle, communicate with delivery personnel, boost efficiency and revenues, and provide effective protection against theft.

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