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Supply Chain Goal: Complete Transparency

Supply Chain Goal: Complete Transparency

Grow Your Supply Chain Business 

Technology & Supply Chain Business

From the suppliers of raw materials, components and services that a company needs to manufacture and distribute its products to intermediate or final customers, a supply chain requires a strong set up of technological aid to ensure a smooth functioning. Supply chains can have different organizational structures that reflect the business relationship or degree of collaboration between companies in the chain. The structures range from informal relationships, in which companies make occasional purchases from a diverse group of suppliers, to joint ventures or integrated supply chains where there is a high degree of collaboration and dependency.

Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
RoadCast : Real-Time Employee Convenience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions

High Visibility is The Growth Factor

Transportation and logistics assets, such as trucks and trailers, containers, pallets, and racks must be positioned and available to meet the daily operational needs of depots, distribution centres, yards and ports. Without visibility to these assets, as they move through the supply chain, companies typically end up misplacing, misdirecting or creating buffers of their assets, which compound the inefficiencies they’re trying to reduce each day.

Efficiency Comes With Overall Tracking

RoadCast offers proven solutions to overcome this common asset visibility and inventory management challenges. RoadCast enables the smooth functioning of the entire shipping and receiving environment by providing the ability to process inbound or outbound assets, quickly locate items, view their attributes and understand their status.

Through RoadCast, you can proactively plan physical asset activity and movements, monitor and automatically receive alerts of asset movement against the planned activity and identify deviations from expected asset location or condition.  Through our real-time tracking and order management solution, the end-to-end asset management is done in the most efficient manner. Our asset management software is highly configurable, flexible and easily integrated with best-of-breed RFID, GPS and sensor technologies.

We understand the demands of each business and aim at delivering our best to the customers with a 24X7 Tech support with our dedicated in-house tech team.

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