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Delivering food can be a good nightmare too

Delivering food can be a good nightmare too

From drunk texting the worst ex’s to telling yourself the do’s and don’ts before a date sitting on a commode, we’re interested in all the extremities that your life has witnessed you doing. Just to be sure about the percentage of people who’ve been weird with the pizza delivery guys ..out of whatever emotion.

You have time to think while reading some instances that made these delivery guys question why are they delivering food in the first place.

  • Vinit from Delhi had never had a worse nightmare. He came across a bunch of youngsters that night having a pyjama party in West Delhi while he was out to deliver the last order.

Just to get their pizzas for free, they provided a wrong address to the person who took their order and when Vinit called on the number they called from, a girl says while crying “its been three years since I’ve died and only pizza can get my soul the peace I seek. Where’s my pizza?”

Of course, he said “I can’t find this address you provided” to which she said to leave it at the colony gate and when he asked who’d pay money she hung up. 5 minutes later he received a call from the same number and a guy said: “it’s been 35 minutes since I placed my order where are you, man?”

  • Raj was having a good day until he went to deliver those thin crust Gourmets to the Aroras in Bandra that day. When he raised the hand to ring the doorbell, he read this note written in cursive with five 100 INR notes attached;

Bro, please leave the pizza at the door because I’m not home and wife is going to kill me if she finds out I went on a beer run instead of waiting for her order, help the brother out and have a Hoegaarden.

Thank you.

  • Rashid was prepared for the cons of being a delivery guy on his first day of work itself when he was asked to taste the kebabs that he went to deliver to an elderly customer to check the salt for sir wasn’t up for a chance with bad tasting kebabs.


  • George in Los Angeles went to deliver the first pizza of that day just to come across a note that he didn’t know why he had to read. The note said:

Dear pizza delivery person,


I am extremely hungover and it’s too much to be seen in public right now. I hate your restaurant’s pepperoni pizza, which is perhaps what I’ve ordered. Please come inside because all I want is some real talk. Grab a beer, eat your pizza and walk out like nothing happened.

Thank you.

We won’t even talk about what the restaurant faces when such incidents happen! Delayed deliveries, no proof of deliveries, haunting calls from the clients topped with the lies of delivery guys.

This is where Roadcast saves you from the pain of keeping it all together. With RoadCast, you can track your delivery guy in real time with his handset’s exact battery percentage while each delivery has to be completed by leaving a proof of it, a marker in the app and you can also live chat with all your riders in the app itself instead of having to make multiple calls to know where each of them is.

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Is it true that you are watching your Field Workforce appropriately?

Is it true that you are watching your Field Workforce appropriately?

Is it true that you are watching your Field Workforce appropriately?

Numerous industry specialists have expressed that their field workforce administration abandons them with a great deal to want for. As we know the initial step to successful field benefit administration is getting the perfect individual for the work. When you have that, things ought to be a cakewalk, however, it frequently isn’t. For what reason does this happen? What’s more, what would you be able to do avoid that?

Innovation can play the role of a bridge between the potential of your workforce and the final productive output. The fundamental takeaway from any field workforce administration arranging is to support the proficiency of the field specialists and their resultant change control.

Imagine that your field professional, such as your sales executive or your maintenance service professional, walks into a meeting for a predestined task and you immediately know the likelihood of a successful outcome. This goes beyond just training. It is about training and direction. Getting the right person with the right set of skill, on-time at the right destination, with the right solution. Apart from some unforeseen occurrence, your field professional would most probably perform exceedingly well.

How does this function? It’s basic, it’s about visibility, planning, control, direction, and execution. Every one of these things can be streamlined through a decent field workforce administration programming.

Plan, Track, and Direct Your Field Workforce to Excellence

Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
Roadcast : Real-Time Employee Convenience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions

This is the mystery formula for the achievement of your field experts. To start with, you design.

1. Discover all the ranges of abilities of each of your field workforce.

2. Factor in every one of the abilities required to play out the different tasks related to your business.

3. Graph the cost-time-estimation of your field workforce.

At that point you plan.

1. Record all deals or administration arrangements into the framework.

2. Convey the fitting arrangement or task to the correct person.

At this point, we need to establish the difference technology, and more importantly, the technology of someone like Roadcast who has been heralded as the leading name in field workforce management, make in boosting the accuracy and legitimacy of your planning.

Now, You get your stresses out. It’s Time for Real-time Tracking with RoadCast through –

1. Structure and guide every one of the abilities of your workforce into an adaptable and complete database with offline data storage feature.

2. Create an intuitive and graded report about all possible use-cases and all their permutations.

3. Calculate the exact expense of each movement initiated by any of your field agents factoring in all settled and variable expenses.

4. Construct an agile and efficient schedule for all the tasks and appointments with a focus on optimizing all interlinking travelling involved therewith.

5. Use the dynamic calculation in your field workforce administration programming to connect the correct proficient with the proper assignment by delivery & order management software.

It’s all about reaching the right client at the right moment. Your field agent should not be stuck in traffic before a key meeting. Any delay here could be critical in terms of the overall image of your company.

You can make sure your field workforce reaches the client at the right time by optimizing their routes appropriately through Real-Time Monitoring and Reducing Decision lag.

As they are on the field, you can administer all the data getting through Roadcast’s feedback capture mechanism and Invoicing with Mobile Field Service “RoadCast Delivery” Software. Hence, the company can react in quick time to enable quick decision making by the field agent. All these things add to the overall efficiency and productivity of the processes, increasing the overall conversion ratio.

Each leg of your supply chain is made efficient through the inner workings of algorithms within At the end of it, your end-consumers get what they require on time at their preferred retail outlet, or at their homes.

With such successful automation and visibility, your field workforce can destress themselves from all the invoicing and expense maintenance drills. As all their efforts are transparent and ideal, they can feel free to concentrate on furnishing the best service rather than thinking about their next task.

Yes,Your Business needs Real-Time Tracking too!!

Yes,Your Business needs Real-Time Tracking too!!

Yes,Your Business needs Real-Time Tracking too!!

Restaurants: How do you know when to cook the next delivery meal if you have no way to track your drivers on a map?

Jewelers: How would you know where does your rider stop before delivering your high-priced products, when you suspect double-dealing the most?

Florists: When a customer calls up and asks about their delivery how would you accurately quote them an ETA over the phone without putting them on hold for 5+ minutes?

Schools: How would you inform all the parents about their pupils’ bus boarding and de-boarding at the same time?

Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions

 As customer expectations for convenience are increasing with the availability of on-demand experiences, more and more businesses are struggling to keep up. The advantages of Real-time delivery tracking software to the customer are well understood but if looked upon closely, you see that this is solely an advantage to your business. The hype around Real-time tracking is not for nothing!

If your customer gets to have a good experience with your services, you are assuring yourself of their loyalty with the investment you make in such

technologies. Apart from the increased efficiency of your business, you get saved from various vehicle costs, rider’s compensations, bad reviews, unreasonably delayed deliveries and what not.

Roadcast is the only company that can cater to a restaurant’s needs with its customizable application as much as it can avail ease to a supply chain’s operations.

With an eager Tech-Team and sheer passion for what they do, their customers have only seen their efficiency graphs rising. Apart from the real-time tracking that they provide, you get daily reports, idle-time, delayed delivery reports and heat maps on a single dashboard.

With its versatility, Roadcast is the only phone application that has so much to offer to each business, irrespective of its scale, without needing any good manpower for monitoring.

So what’s keeping you waiting? Visit us at : and let us know how would you want your growth graph to look!!!




The whole process of managing goods as they move from the manufacturer to the consumer involves managing a whole lot of infrastructures, such as numerous vehicles, skilled personnel, inventory on shelves and in transit, and general finances.

No single software solution can possibly do everything you need it to do to manage your entire business. QuickBooks and Xero are great for accounting. Amazon and eBay are great e-commerce platforms. Bigcommerce, Shopify and LemonStand are all great online shopping carts. Salesforce is a high-quality CRM. But imagine trying to use Salesforce as an accounting solution or QuickBooks as shipping solution or Amazon as CRM. The best recipe for a disaster!

Choosing the right software for your business operations is no cakewalk. One needs to have a good insight of the market trends and the existing and future requirements of their business to nail this job. The right tools used for the supply chain management would take accountability for more than the jobs both your hands could hold. Now, this is when Roadcast holds the mic!

In today’s marketplace, the difference between ensuring a customer will return and losing revenue to a competitor can come down to how much visibility a brand has. With Roadcast’s real-time visibility, a company can instantly identify places where there’s too much or too little inventory, for example. Put simply, real-time visibility helps companies understand their business and better serve their customers.

Every module of SCM is planned and executed well but you can’t track the logistics in real-time to ensure that your inventory is intact and safe, you lose it all! What if you knew Roadcast offers this one-of-a-kind phone application that lets you track your vehicle freight in real-time while you can live-chat with your riders and the process is so efficient that some of the biggest names in the industry swear by it!

Supply Chain Management – Roadcast : Real Time Employee Convinience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions
Supply Chain Management – Roadcast : Real-Time Employee Convenience & Delivery Tracking Management Solutions

Here are the five biggest reasons why you need Roadcast:

Manage Product Demand

Better information means brands can be quickly alerted to delays, slowdowns or changing trends – and make the necessary changes before it’s too late and their bottom line is affected. On the positive side, if a product is doing well, additional orders can be added to make sure you can take full advantage of a surge in popularity – and aren’t shipping product out after the fact.

Understand Inventory

Tracking inbound and outbound inventory in real-time enables you to follow where and when inventory will arrive. It helps you prepare for potential delays. Having a close connection to inventory assures you’ll never be low on stock or unable to fulfill orders.

Promote Efficiency

Real-time information makes it easy to identify, prevent and fix inefficient processes as they’re happening, rather than months after the fact. Time is money.

Get a Handle on Shipping

Current information lets you know actual delivery times and dates, giving you the information you’d need to reroute (if need be). It helps you to avoid potential man-made or natural disasters – and ensure on-time delivery.

Provide Excellent Last Mile Experiences

Real-time information lets your customer service know instantly if a product will arrive later than expected. This lets them proactively reach out to customers – instead of waiting for an unhappy call or email. No one wants to lose a customer because of a shipping delay that was out of the company’s control. Conversely, you can also let customers know that products will arrive early, or as planned.

Once you lay them out like that, the benefits of Roadcast real-time supply chain visibility are easy-to-see. Now you just need to apply visibility practices to your own organization.

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