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The Age of Delivery Businesses – Keeping customers engaged

The Age of Delivery Businesses – Keeping customers engaged

The Age of Delivery Businesses – Keeping customers engaged

No more store visits

Keeping customers engaged. Business & consumer trends have drastically shifted in the last few years. Since the day, the first smart phone came into being, few had a feeling that a global revolution was under way. How a device – a mobile phone seamlessly became a part of our daily lives, it’s hardly noticeable. Good or bad, it’s changed the way people think & work.

keeping customer engaged employee tracking
keeping customers engaged through real-time tracking

How to keep customers engaged?

Recently, the global consumer trend in most countries across the globe has changed. People prefer shopping online over shopping at a store. When it comes to items of daily need viz. groceries, food, clothes, etc. consumers prefer having it all delivered to their doorstep. This trend has sparked a new generation of businesses that do precisely that. Around the world, delivery based businesses that deliver goods & services at the consumers’ doorstep have emerged in various sectors. The internet is their marketplace. This market place has opened up doors to the whole world for them.

A business in India is shipping goods to a consumer in USA; the other end of the world. With this digital age of consumerism, comes the responsibility of making sure that every process is carried out efficiently. As more brands emerge, the focus is on keeping the customers engaged. If a customer has placed one single order, it is essential to keep the customer connected for the longest time possible till the a repeat order is placed. This can only be done by constant engagement.

Constant engagement by staying connected

When we talk about constant engagement, it is about making relevant ads visible, sharing order details at every step of the way & lastly, getting feedback. While there exist several platforms for engagement through ads – Facebook, google, e-com websites, etc. there is a limited spotlight on engagement after ads. That’s where we come in – a platform that helps other businesses stay connected to their customers even after an order has been placed. With Roadcast, customers can track their orders in real-time.

How does this help?

Once an order is placed, everyone gets anxious regarding their delivery. Even though an estimated time is always provided, consumers expect a more reliable form of information – a real-time visibility. That is only possible through a platform that allows real-time location tracking. Roadcast will not only help delivery based businesses in keeping their customers engaged till the delivery takes place, it will also act as a contingency tool incase of a delayed delivery. If the customers or the business owners are able to track their employees, vehicles or deliveries in real-time, they will always feel secured. Foodies want to know where their food is, fashionistas want to know where their clothes are, hard-working professionals want to know where their groceries are, while all businesses want to know where their employees are. With Roadcast, we help you with all.

Roadcast – Transforming the way businesses deliver.

Watch this space for more.

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Delivery Tracking Software by Roadcast for Instapizza

Delivery Tracking Software by Roadcast for Instapizza

Delivery Tracking Software by Roadcast

Delivery Tracking Software by Roadcast for Instapizza. Delivery based businesses are highly focused on customer satisfaction. Businesses are adopting new methods & technology to help build it. A very popular pizza chain – Instapizza, is doing precisely that. The restaurant not only offers lip-smacking pizzas, but is also a great example of how operations can be streamlined to sustain a rapid expansion using technology. Roadcast has recently partnered with Instapizza & we are helping them manage their orders & deliveries in real-time. While they assure that the pizza tastes great, we help them make sure that it reaches the customers in time.

Managing multiple outlets

Delivery Tracking Software by Roadcast for Instapizza
Multiple outlets visible on map

With more than 10 outlets & a rapidly expanding business, it gets difficult to streamline deliveries. On days when there are more orders than the outlets can handle manually, a system to streamline processes is highly essential to avoid mismanagement. With Roadcast, micro-management of deliveries gets easier. Once an order is placed, it goes into production. With a food like pizza, timing is everything – from preparation time to delivery time, to ensure the best result. Once an order is prepared, it is assigned to a delivery boy. The process of assignment is manual & fairly simple when there are one or two orders to deliver.

What if there are multiple orders that need to be delivered simultaneously or within a fixed amount of time?

In that case, some information such as delivery efficiency of each employee, location of the deliveries, real-time location of delivery boys out for delivery with their ETA, etc. would be a boon. Roadcast gives it’s users access to this information in real-time. While deliveries can be efficiently managed, the restaurant can even stay prepared with the next order before the delivery boy arrives back from a round of deliveries. The effect – More deliveries in the same amount of time. Less delivery time for each order.

While Instapizza is able to emerge as a leader in it’s space, keeping the delivery operations efficient is crucial to be profitable.

With the help of the platform, the delivery boys are able to get information about the shortest delivery route to help save time & fuel. Store managers can assure that the delivery boys are not wasting time in idling during any deliveries, thus increasing the overall efficiency. Just like Instapizza, other food chains are also adopting the technology to stay on a par with their competition. In the near future, real-time delivery tracking is bound to become a necessity owing to the traffic & weather conditions in major cities, where the chunk of the working population prefers the “Order at home & be comfortable” food experience.

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We at Roadcast, are helping businesses deliver more.

Roadcast- Transforming the way businesses deliver

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Efficient work-force management – ETA helps you deliver more

Efficient work-force management – ETA helps you deliver more

Real-time ETA for efficient work-force & delivery management

Efficient work-force & delivery management

The importance of an efficient work-force management tool. In every delivery business, the most commonly asked questions are – “Where have you reached? How much time will you take?” . The “when” of the delivery process is by-far the most important aspect. Quite often customers & employers are misled with false information regarding the arrival or delivery time. It is human nature to prolong the inevitable trouble that awaits by providing false information. Employees always say “Ill be there in 5”. But those endless 5 minutes have consequences on your business.

How does it affect your customers?


When customers are told that their delivery will take place at a particular time, it is important that it happens. Especially, when we talk about food or an important service such as air-conditioner repair on a hot day, delivering in time can be a make or break factor. Food & hunger influence emotions. False information that tests the patience will always lead to a negative rating & it might scar your business.

Lets look at it another way!

It ultimately affects your business!

You own a restaurant & there are some days when business is busier than usual. On days when there are more orders than usual, deliveries are often mismanaged. Orders are dispatched with the delivery boys without considering their delivery efficiency. It is crucial to make do with the existing number of delivery staff. The usual drill that most businesses follow – Prepare one order & dispatch it. Wait for the delivery employee to return before the next order is prepared. Even if you ask the delivery boy about his arrival, the information he gives may not always be accurate. When it comes to food, even a few minutes make a difference to how it tastes.

Get real-time ETA info; instantly..

ETA-Efficient work-force management

Wondering if there is a way to know the ETA for each of your employees once they are out for delivery? What if you got alerts every time your delivery boys reached near the store? Having access to such information could help you plan your deliveries better & be well prepared before the delivery employee reaches back. On the other hand, ETA for delivery could also be shared with the customers to help them stay patient even if the delivery might get a bit late. Information about the arrival time can most often, save you from a negative rating or a bad review due to a delayed delivery. With the help of Roadcast, efficient delivery management is easily possible, even when there are more orders than usual.

The platform provides you the ETA for each delivery employee considering the real-time traffic conditions & the number of orders to be delivered. On the other hand, even the customers can get access to the ETA for their delivery along with the exact location.

Less is more

Digital order assignment helps you stream-line your deliveries. The less hassle you face in delivery management, the more efficiency you gain in your delivery process. With the help of real-time tracking, your business can make sure that the number of deliveries that get delayed due to inefficiency of the delivery staff, are significantly reduced. By setting a geo-fence, you can get alerted every time an employee enters or exits a geo-fence.

Awesome tools like these & much more are a part of the Roadcast Delivery Management Platform. Get the RDM platform today & micro manage your delivery time with the help of ETA & other intelligent tools.

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Roadcast – Transforming the way businesses deliver.