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Month: May 2017

A proud moment for Roadcast: Our platform won two productivity awards from FinancesOnline!

A proud moment for Roadcast: Our platform won two productivity awards from FinancesOnline!

A proud moment for Roadcast

The incredibly busy and fast business pace of today makes it extremely challenging for companies to choose the right fleet management system. Instead of comparing products and taking time to test each of them, businesses find it less time-consuming to resort to third-party expertise, and consider what B2B professionals have to say about a system. A common destination for them is the ultra popular software review platform, which examines and scores a variety of software services to recommend the best among them.

Rising star in tracking-Proud moment for Roadcast Rising star-Proud moment for Roadcast

To our utmost pleasure, FinancesOnline’s experts considered Roadcast as a new addition to their directory, and prepared an excellent review that will give users an instant picture of how the system performs and brings value to their business. These experts had a first-hand possibility to test the potential of our product and evaluate it in line with their productivity criteria. The result was an even more pleasant surprise: Roadcast now holds two of the platform’s best-known awards: the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for field service management software!

According to experts, it was the smart balancing between usability and function that put Roadcast on the piedestal, and ensured it wins both of these popular awards. The Rising Star came once it was confirmed that we’re running an innovative and very friendly system, while the Great User Experience award was devoted to our intuitive interface, and the tireless work of our support team. Our software was also featured among the best field service management software of 2017 according to FinancesOnline experts.

As explained in our review, Roadcast is one of the rare systems that use live GPS to track deliveries and manage orders, but also focuses on smart resource allocation and manpower potential. What experts also liked about the system is its capacity to analyze data, rather than simply storing it for external processing; and the unique feedback mechanism we developed to help businesses gather intelligence. Roadcast was also praised for its flexible pricing scheme which allows even startups to include it in their toolkit.

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