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Impact of location on your restaurant business

Impact of location on your restaurant business

Impact of location on your restaurant business. Ever wondered whats the best place for your restaurant business? The food markets of mega cities have been growing at a fast pace. The diversity in food & flavor available to the people is astounding!

It’s important is to understand the existing growth poles that exist in the food industry before we head towards identifying different potential spots to setup a successful business. In the food business, having a great taste is one thing but having an appropriate location is another. Choosing the right location for your food business is crucial.

Traditional cuisine of old Delhi

For example, Chandni Chowk, in Old Delhi, is best known for its street food experience. On the contrary New Delhi has evolved into an Uber Food Hub with fine dining & up market places. Places like Qutub or Connaught place where one can indulge in an extravagant meal at a restaurant with a great ambience & lip-smacking culinary delicacies.

For obvious reasons, we cannot think of  fine dining at Chandni chowk… right ?

While food can be experienced in different ways, there is a growing diversity in the food preference among populations.

Nowadays, we witness the rise of a calorie conscious breed of foodies who visit places that offer nutritional food & pseudo health freaks who pretend to eat healthy but end up eating fried & junk food once their craving consumes them.

Desserts are evolving greater than any cuisine

Then there are junkies who love eating unhealthy meals all day long! Each of these food experiences are specific to a location based on the kind of businesses or people that exist there. For instance, juice bars, fruits & salad bars, lean diet foods, etc . are popular in areas with a gym. Tiffin services are popular near corporate setups. The same works the other way round too. Sometimes, the kind of food businesses that exist in a particular area, determine the kind of businesses & people that move there. It’s all about finding the right taste buds.

For instance, if we correlate the trends and patterns of the booming regions of Delhi& Gurgaon, we notice significant change in those places. Hence, understanding & identifying the right area is of utmost importance. Considering a city like Delhi, where the population demographic indicates that the city is overly populated with a huge variation in population structure.

With the help of technology, it becomes fairly simple to get data that will help in identifying the best place for a particular type of food business.

Food brings everyone together

It is essential to reach to the maximum number of customers in the most cost effective way. This helps in enhancing businesses effectively. Time management is as important as cost management.

Furthermore, the development of food and it’s enriched services are mostly predicted by people’s location and their affordability. Therefore, with a population of a billion, we cannot predict the arrangement without a proper algorithm.

It is also noticeable how quickly people lose their business to their competition. This is because they don’t understand the analytics behind it. With the right technology people also overtake and expand their business to great heights.


The fundamental key is to understand that the population demographics have an essential role to play in denoting the potential hotspots.

Notably, the spices are the same but the same food tastes unique in every part of the world. This is because it is made according to the people who eat it. For instance, even something as simple as fast food tastes different across different regions in India. Also, there are variations between food tastes of North & South India!

Heat maps helps in extrapolating main focus areas

With geo-location monitoring, one can accurately target areas to operate at maximum potential.

You ask how?

Reverse geo-coding is the process of back (reverse) coding of a point location . This also permits the identification of nearby street addresses, places, and/or areal subdivisions such as neighborhoods. With the help of Roadcast’s heat-mapping, one can extrapolate the main customers to focus on. You can get the exact location from where orders are received & locations where orders are delivered. You can identify your operating radius with the help of the data you access. What if you knew the exact areas in your city that liked a particular kind of food? Over a period of time you could get access to all the location based data you need for targeted marketing. Furthermore, you could offer extra discounts in areas which aren’t ordering food from your restaurant too frequently to engage more customers.
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Are you in the food business or do you aspire to start one? We give you 5 things you need to know to run a successful restaurant business.

Innovation is what keeps a business ahead in the game. Investing in latest technology for your business can be really fruitful.

Here are some reasons why restaurant businesses stagnate and some tips to avoid it

Finding the right taste buds



It wouldn’t be sensible to sell samosa’s outside a gym! Right? Finding the right taste buds for your food is essential. Knowing where exactly your customers are located may seem like a task.

What if there was a way to pin-point locations on a map to know where the chunk of your existing or potential customers are?

With the help of reverse-geocoding, one can map all the locations where most orders are delivered or from where most orders are placed. This data can be highly useful for geo-targeted marketing. For instance, you could give out freebies or extra discounts based on data you have to get more reach. Roadcast provides you every detail you need, to understand about the geography you operate in. With active heat mapping, you can identify regions you need to focus on to maximize your reach.


Navigation is a boon when it comes to delivering. Knowing the “Where” & “How” of the delivery that needs to take place, can save you a lot of time. Efficiency comes with being prepared. At times, you are packed with orders to deliver, making it difficult to cater to customers.

Navigation makes delivery easier and efficient
Navigation makes delivery easier and efficient

Good experiences are short lived but bad experiences are permanent. Customers are more likely avoid ordering again if they have a bad experience Moreover, through word of mouth, the effect only multiplies.

With real-time tracking, delivery systems can be made more efficient. When the delivery employees are kept under the eye, they have more to offer. While employers can ensure that the delivery boys are not wasting time, they can also get ETAs for each delivery boy & assign orders on the go. So as soon as the delivery boy is back at the outlet, he can immediately leave for another delivery.

Roadcast’s main focus is inclined towards efficient delivery systems. You can get access to real-time locations & ETAs. The platform also allows you to assign orders on the go. The riders get access to navigation that allows them to deliver efficiently by showing them the fastest route to the delivery location.


In a rapidly growing business, it becomes chaotic to understand the qualitative and quantitative growth of the staff. An accurate, yet simple way to do it is by assessing the performance on a daily basis. When you know your team inside out, you make better decisions. Assigning the right job to the right member is the key.

Things you need to know to run a successful restaurant business
Optimum resource utilization for a smooth operation

For instance, a bulk order for a valuable/loyal customer should be given to the most efficient or reliable delivery boy. With access to performance related data, restaurant businesses with multiple outlets can identify which outlets outperform & ones that lag behind. That way, you can always manage your staff across multiple outlets creating the best team for each.

Roadcast’s platform allows you to access essential data such as total number of orders, average number of orders per employee, average order delivery time for an outlet or an individual & order prep time.


5 Things you need to know to run a successful restaurant business.Customer giving feedback
Customer giving feedback

After an order has been placed, most restaurants allow the customer to know when the order is being prepared & when it is dispatched. Once it gets dispatched, there is no way of determining when the order will get delivered. This grey area often leads to a negative rating.

Ratings & feedback indicate where you stand. For any restaurant business, customer satisfaction tops the chart. The best critic for your business is your customer. Having a feedback interface in place will help you understand what your customers expect out of you. It gives you a way to identify areas to focus on.

The point of contact between you & the customer is the delivery boy. Most often, feedback given by the customer to a delivery boy is lost or not delivered. Giving your customers a platform to share their views will ensure that you know what they think. Here’s when technology kicks in. Roadcast not only allows you to track your delivery boys in real-time but also sends your customers a link to track their order till it gets delivered. The platform helps you record & manage customer feedback once the order is delivered to understand the opportunities & to work on shortcomings.


A jellyfish indicates transparency, it shows us everything
A jellyfish indicates transparency, it shows us everything

Transparency is the one step that binds an organization together. Transparency paves the way for effective scaling. When you scale up, even small discrepancies add up to a huge figure that may slowly suck your business dry. Keeping discrepancies in check is essential & so is maintaining a healthy employer-employee relationship. The easiest way to do both is through automating your processes.

In most restaurant businesses, small discrepancies arise in various places such as re-imbursements, customers are over-charged, delays in deliveries, which are later blamed on traffic, bad weather, etc. With advanced automation, Roadcast offers you flexible tools to monitor & record your  employees’ daily activity. Get access to data such as distance, order details, delivery details, time, etc.

If you own a restaurant or are aspiring to start one of your own, we will have you covered. While you work on delivering the best to your customers, we will help you deliver in the best possible way.

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