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Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore. Never underestimate the joy of life’s simple pleasures, simple isn’t easy but it’s possible.

All it takes is a little bit of strength and enthusiasm to work on yourself, which most of us are constantly trying to do. But ever thought about how you could possibly do that?

We could guide you, all you need to do is Explore.

By saying explore, we mean to ask you to find the universe inside you.. Yes, find yourself, your happiness & chase it.

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore . Two friends exploring the terrain and finding their inner peace
Two friends exploring the terrain and finding their inner peace



If you’re questioning yourself right now as to how you should do this, the first step is to MOVE. The best way to find yourself is to be uncomfortable, just get out of that comfort zone, pick your phone up, wear those comfortable shoes and move out. Travel! Even if the distance is as short as going to the nearest garden.. GO! observe things around you! take charge of your life!

The sun is shining bright upon us and  giving us so much to work on everyday.  So as long as we are here,

let’s make it worth our while…



We can’t deny that we live in a world full of juxtapositions, constantly evolving. YES ! Change is constant. We all are growing and adapting with every situation that life showers upon us ..

But while all these monotonous changes taking place everyday, we shall not let the little joys go unnoticed!

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore . observe with different perspectives -a leaf or a mantis
observe with different perspectives -a leaf or a mantis

The best things in life are free, of course, that’s happiness! For instance, talking to your loved ones over a long drive which doesn’t happen too often because of our busy schedules!

But have you ever thought about sharing these  moments and marking these memories you had with them?

You could lead a revolution or an impact or give ideas to the world to ponder upon..




Perhaps, a question that arises from within is , “do we remember our life’s best journey ?” While the brain has too much going on, our devices can do this for us; making these memories and experiences that last a lifetime !  

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore . Life's about making the jump
Life’s about making the jump


Each experience makes us stronger and wiser. It’s a gift that brings something to the table of our life.  These could be blessings or lessons or could be as mediocre as the unhealthy food you ate on the roadside or as challenging as your 5km run!

Life is short, take a shot and post it, you may be inspiring someone with your creativity! So why keep those memories piled up and the journeys unnoticed ?



 Do your bit to live life to the fullest, do make memories, because that’s all what we look back upon or even live for.

Rediscover Yourself -Travel And Explore
See the bigger picture. Break free from the shackles.

Every master was once a beginner, so to help you start with, here’s ROADCAST, an app that lets you create those memories. With Roadcast, you can share all the journeys that made you giggle or the places & objects that make you nostalgic when you look back at them. The main feature being marked as your points of interests, so that you can let your world know what you love and never forget discovering yourself !


Inspire others to take on life’s journey.
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Transform the way you deliver – Employee & vehicle tracking with Roadcast

Transform the way you deliver – Employee & vehicle tracking with Roadcast

Transform the way your business delivers – Supply Chain Management with Roadcast.

Here’s how you can transform the way your business delivers. Follow these steps to ensure a profitable business & a well managed supply chain.


Transform the way your business delivers
Business Growth Statistics

Here’s how you can transform the way your business delivers. The key to a successful delivery based business is efficiency. The delivery process begins as soon as a customer places an order. From there, each step of the process is crucial in ensuring that the customer receives the order timely & efficiently. In simple words, the Lead Time should be minimum. The answer to a profitable delivery business is a well-managed, organized & transparent supply chain. Whether your business delivers food, consumer goods or services, an organized supply chain will ensure growth & profitability.

Provide ETAs to stay a step ahead

Transform the way your business delivers
Provide ETAs

One of the most important factors that will ensure efficiency is always “knowing where”. Through the SCM process knowing where your vehicles or employees are will ensure transparency. ETAs can be conveyed to the customer or to the inbound/outbound storage centers. As a result, preparations to receive or process the material can be made before hand to save time.

Tackle breakdowns & minimize down time

Transform the way your business delivers
Truck flat tire resulting in down-time

For long haul deliveries, tracking vehicles is one step closer to ensuring that the cargo reaches safely & in-time. In case of any delays caused by weather, breakdown, traffic or human error, the admin will be notified & immediate action can be taken with minimum down time. With the help of efficient optimization tools, the vehicle driver can be guided to take the shortest or fastest route while the employer can keep a tab on the transit time. Keeping a track of the Transit Time Adherence, the SC can be optimized further to keep a check on the total time the cargo spends on the road.

Constant communication between delivery & dispatch points

Transform the way your business delivers
Communication at every step is crucial

With technology & communication media evolving rapidly, “knowing where” is more of a necessity than an accessory. End consumer businesses rely heavily on their deliveries reaching them in time. To provide a better consumer experience & a higher brand engagement, a simple tool such as last mile tracking can benefit a business in a big way. It can get your business an A-rating while keeping your customers patience in check in case of a delay. Knowing where your vehicle or delivery staff is will help you stay prepared to answer any questions or queries that arise.

Reduce Storage

The major cost in any SC is the cost of inventory storage. Maintaining a huge stock in your inventory that depletes slowly can suck your business dry. An inefficiently managed inventory is a proven road to failure. The answer to an effective inventory management – Tracking each entity in the SC.

How can tracking help in minimizing storage costs?

Transform the way your business delivers
Inventory & storage

Once materials are dispatched, one can estimate the time of delivery & in turn calculate the Turn Around or Lead Time. Shift operations to a Just-in-time model to ensure minimum inventory. Orders for raw or finished materials at processing & distribution centers respectively can be placed based on this calculation. For perishables, making sure the cargo is dispatched/ distributed in time is essential to avoid losses owing to goods damaged in storage. Tracking can help prepare to receive & store such goods at the delivery center.

Managing Last Mile

Efficient management of your last mile deliveries is by far the most important process that needs extra attention. With businesses shifting to a Just-in-time model, managing the last mile delivery process is the most important factor that contributes to higher profitability. With an intelligent last mile management system in place, businesses can ensure that they shift towards a Just-in-time system & cut down on major storage costs.

Transform the way your business delivers
Last mile delivery on a bike. Delivery employee delivering food

Roadcast provides an array of tools to help at every step of the process. The platform provides highly intelligent tracking, management & optimization tools. Roadcast helps you minimize operating costs with the help of a reliable reporting system with analytics. With an app that helps track employees in real-time, last mile delivery management is a cake-walk. Roadcast also provides access to intelligent vehicle tracking technology. A simple & robust hardware device that can be fitted into the vehicle helps businesses track all vehicles in transit while also providing remote access to features such as immobilization, ignition alerts, over-speed alerts & real-time monitoring.

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5 Weekend Getaways around Delhi

5 Weekend Getaways around Delhi

5 Weekend Getaways around Delhi. Places to visit around Delhi on a weekend.

Here’s our list of 5 best weekend getaways around Delhi. Staying in the Capital can be a hectic life devoid of peaceful time or a brief escape from the everyday lifestyle. You often think that the city is sucking you dry with its pollution, ever-increasing traffic, work & the extreme & unpredictable weather. What is most needed is a long weekend & a plan to keep you from going insane. If you think a weekend is not enough to completely rejuvenate, here is a list of places near Delhi that will surely give you a tranquil escape from the city.


  1. Camp Dhauj, Haryana 35 Km

    Just about 35 Kms from the heart of Delhi, Camp Dhauj is located near the Delhi – Haryana border, close to Faridabad. Driving down to the location takes about 1 hour 45 minutes from Connaught place. Situated in the Aravali Hills, the place offers a wide variety of activities for everyone. Whether you seek adventure or peace, the place has both to offer.


    Family Activities At Camp Dhauj
    Family Activities At Camp Dhauj

    The place is a perfect get-away for bird photography. One can spot over 70 kinds of bird species in the area. There are activities like rappelling, zorbing, hiking, river crossing & rock climbing to name a few.

    Accommodation at Camp Dhauj
    Accommodation at Camp Dhauj
  2. Damdama Lake, Haryana 50 Km

    Damdada Lake at Sunset,Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Damdada Lake at Sunset

    Damdama Lake is about 50 Kms from the heart of Delhi. It is located a few kilometers off the Delhi – Sohna highway. The lake itself has nice picnic spots around it. In recent times, the place has become a hub for adventure camps & resorts. Aloof from the city, it’s a great place to spend some quality time with friends or family. Adventure camps offer a variety of activities such as still water rafting, boating & camping. There are options of nice hotels too around the area for those who prefer luxury over adventure.

  3. Hill Fort, Kesroli & the Neemrana Fort-Palace, Rajasthan 150 Km

    Located in Alwar, Rajasthan, these majestic forts offer more than just a nice view. Both the forts are heritage hotels with all modern day amenities. The Palace fort has swimming pools, a gym & a spa to help you detox & relax. You can explore the local handicrafts in the town which is built around the fort.

    Neemrana Fort lawns
    Neemrana Fort lawns
    Room Interior Neemrana Fort Palace
    Room Interior Neemrana Fort Palace

    Outdoor restaurant seating
    Outdoor restaurant seating
  4. Mathura & Vrindawan, Uttar Pradesh 150 Km

    Crowd playing Holi at Mathura , Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Crowd playing Holi at Mathura

    The abode of Lord Krishna, Mathura & Vrindawan spew vibrance & color all year round. During Holi, being in Mathura is no less than magical. If you visit these cities during Holi you will surely witness a spectacle full of color.

    You can visit a number of temples of Lord Krishna in the two cities. Dwarkadheesh is one of the main attractions in Mathura where hordes of devotees visit every day.

    Dwarkadhish temple,Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Dwarkadhish temple
  5. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan 250 Km

    Infamous as a haunted fort, the Bhangarh fort is located at the border of the Sariska wildlife reserve. This place is the right getaway for those who like to get their adrenaline doze out of fear. Backed by several stories & instances of paranormal activities, entry into the premises after dusk & before dawn is strictly prohibited.

    Haunted Bhangarh Fort ,Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Bhangarh Fort

    The fort becomes a resting place for forest animals after dusk. It is said that if you stay in the vicinity of the fort, you can hear the sounds of animals getting worked up at night, as though there is some kind of a presence there that is bothering them.

    Haunted Bhangarh Fort,Weekend Getaways around Delhi
    Bhangarh Fort entrance

If you have been to these places or are planning to go, share your experiences with us on our social pages & we will feature your story. Create & share your journeys with Roadcast, because memories are best made when shared.

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