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Mobile app for group travel – connect in real-time

Mobile app for group travel – connect in real-time

Roadcast – The group travel social app with real time tracking

Roadcast – Group travel social app with real time tracking that makes your journeys memorable. Roadcast helps you stick together while you interact with your group & enjoy each moment of your journey. With this simple app, the journey becomes as amazing as the destination. Roadcast is a new age, social travel app that lets you connect with your whole group. The app offers great fun features such as real-time location tracking, location marking & group chat. Roadcast’s real-time location tracking is one of its kind. It’s the only two way live tracking platform. In simple words, all the group members can see each others’ location in real-time. To mark places of interest & save memories, Roadcast offers a location marking feature.Markers are a fun way to share a place of interest. You can add photos & a description to your markers to make them more informative. The best thing about Roadcast is that your whole journey gets saved with all your pictures & routes. You can relive the journey anytime you like as it gets saved.

Group travel social app with real time tracking website link
A Roadcast Journey shared on social websites


Saved Journey Link :


How does Roadcast work?

Anyone can start a new journey & invite everybody else to join the journey. The leader/ group admin’s path is visible to everyone. Everyone can see each other’s location in real-time. You all can chat in the group & drop markers. The admin can choose to keep or delete markers in the journey. Traveling in groups with your friends & family can be the best kind of travel experience. Group travel is a very common phenomenon in India, where a large population travels with their family at least once every year. The fun begins much before the actual day of travel, with frequent gatherings over food & drinks, specially organized to plan for the trip.

Group travel social app with real time tracking
Roadcast Journey


With Roadcast, group travel becomes safer & very convenient. You can share your journey with all your friends on your favorite social websites. Download the Roadcast app today & create your account to travel the social way.

Happy Roadcast-ing!

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How to track employees & deliveries in real-time?

How to track employees & deliveries in real-time?

How to track employees & deliveries in real-time?

Roadcast Delivery – The best & the most efficient delivery & employee tracking tool.

track employees & deliveries in real-time
Delivery boy on a motorbike out for delivery

Tracking your employees & deliveries in real-time can make a huge  difference. Are you losing out on business opportunities due to delayed or failed deliveries? Statistics suggest that 8 to 25 percent of revenue loss in most delivery based businesses such as restaurants or doorstep service providers is due to inefficiencies in the delivery chain.

Most common issues faced by businesses are :

  • Currently , customers are unable to track their order & know it’s exact location.
  • When an order is placed, it is assigned manually & handed over in the form of paper slips to the delivery boy
  • If the order gets delayed, the customers tend to get impatient & call up the restaurant/shop
  • Neither the restaurant or the customers know the location of the delivery
  • No way to make sure if order was successfully delivered
  • Companies unable to keep track of time wasted by field staff
  • Inefficiency in providing service at the right time.
  • Delays in service provision
  • False claims made by service employee regarding assigned jobs ( blames traffic, weather, unavailability of client at the other end)
  • Excessive reimbursement claims by employees based on fake expense data

Roadcast has the ideal set of tools to take care of all these problems. We are empowering businesses to achieve maximum efficiency while minimizing their operating costs. You ask how?
Well, here’s the answer-

Consider a small restaurant chain that receives an order. The order is quickly prepared & handed over to the delivery boy along with a piece of paper that has all the details of the delivery. The delivery boy leaves the restaurant with the order not knowing in which direction he is supposed to go. He takes the wrong road & gets stuck in traffic. The delivery boy ends up taking a longer route & the order, inevitably, gets delayed. The customer constantly tries to contact the restaurant & the delivery boy but doesn’t get a satisfactory explanation.


The restaurant has no clue where the delivery boy is exactly. The delivery boy is tensed & tries to lie his way out of the problem. When the food is finally delivered, the customer is unhappy & so is the delivery boy resulting in a bad rating or even a lost customer. The whole situation leaves a dent that impacts the whole system.

Let’s evaluate the effects :

  1. Longer route results in higher reimbursement costs
  2. The customer is unhappy, gives a negative rating & may not order again
  3. The delivery boy is unhappy
  4. There is a negative impact on the work environment

Now, this gets multiplied by the number of delivery boys & the number of failed / delayed deliveries.

Track employees & deliveries in real-time
Hunger can drive people crazy. Everything looks like food when you’re hungry.

How does Roadcast solve these issues?

Roadcast is the only viable & feasible solution that helps in efficient management of field employees & deliveries in real-time. A set of tools helps the store manager keep a track of the employees’ movement. Assigning orders is a simple task. The dashboard allows the store manager to assign orders to the delivery staff in the form of simple & highly accessible cards. These cards contain all the details regarding the delivery such as the address, contact number, delivery time & the item list. The app also guides the delivery boy to the location via. the shortest or least traffic route using google maps. The delivery boy can place calls directly to the customer with the tap of a finger.

While it helps the delivery boy in delivering efficiently, the store manager can track the delivery boys location live. Not just that, the store manager can even assign orders on the go. The dashboard allows the store manager to view the exact path & the idle time to make sure that efficiency is not compromised.

The store manager can keep a track of the exact device battery level of the delivery boy.

Assign orders on the go

Mobile app to track employees & deliveries in real-time
Roadcast Delivery App to assign orders on the go & for real-time tracking of assigned orders

Assign orders to delivery boys on the go. One delivery boy can be assigned multiple orders so that time can be saved. Roadcast delivery also gives the option to assign pick up & delivery orders simultaneously.

Roadcast is changing the way businesses manage their field force. Efficient manpower management is the key to profitability.  In the long run, profit maximization is only possible through effective management of resources. With Roadcast, businesses get access to monthly reports with analysis to assist them further in the optimization process. Reports help businesses identify their week points & key areas which require focus. With analytics, Roadcast helps businesses identify areas for targeted marketing, employees that deliver more, average delivery time each day & other important data for long term growth.

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A new age social network for sharing journeys in real-time

A new age social network for sharing journeys in real-time

With Roadcast, you can connect with your friends while you travel, in real-time.

Wondering how?

Roadcast is a new real-time travel social network. With Roadcast you can share your journey with your friends in real-time. If you travel in a group quite often, Roadcast is the best way to stay connected & make your journey even more memorable. You can simple start a new journey & invite all your friends to join in. Once your friends join in, you all can see each others’ location in real-time. You can also chat with the whole group while you travel. What makes Roadcast unique is the “Drop Markers” feature. The app lets you mark places of interest by adding photos & a description. Any markers that you or your friends drop are visible to the whole group. No more hassle sharing photos that each of you clicks. Everything that you do gets saved in a single journey that everyone can access.

What is a Roadcast Journey ?

A Roadcast journey has 2 main things – a route & markers. You can save the whole route that you travel on & add location markers that contain photos & a description. Here’s what a journey looks like.

Roadcast Journey
A Roadcast journey with a route & markers

A great tool for travelers

For travel bloggers, Roadcast is the perfect app to make their blogs even more interesting. Bloggers can create their journeys on Roadcast & share the journey links on any platform they like. Routes are great to help your followers understand the way in case they plan to take on the journey. Markers are a fun way to tell your followers more about places you visited along with a description to make their experiences even better.

Roadcast journey : (Indonesia, Bali)

If you are traveling in a group, Roadcast will help you all stay connected. There are less chances of getting lost & all of you have even more fun. The interactive real-time experience keeps you together, like a pack. The markers that you drop in a live journey become instantly visible to all your friends. They can drop markers too in your journey but you have complete control over which markers you want to save to your journey. Once you end your journey, you can save it for later.

Download the app :

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